Daniel Palmér

Web + Interaction + Design
  1. Screen from project
    Location-bar slot machine
    Turn your location bar into an emoji slot machine! This will f up your browser history!
  2. Screen from quiz
    Math Quiz for Makey Makey
    Hook up some bananas to this simple math quiz! Purpose was to try out a Makey makey.
  3. CSS space
    Doing space with CSS.
  4. CSS pixel self-portrait
    Experiments with pixels and animation in CSS.
  5. CSS-memory
    Memory game based on CSS animations. Logic in Javascript/jQuery.
  6. CSS Vegan Hotdog
    Ketchup, mustard or pickle mayo. Also animated.
  7. Example buttons
    CSS buttons
    Button animation experiments


Daniel is a digital designer, with competence within user experience and interaction design, and frontend web development.

Working with tools and methods such as, prototyping, user research, agile development, Figma/Adobe UX, CSS/SCSS, HTML.

Currently working on various projects for Kollektiva Innovation Studios, in Malmö.