Visar projekt: MA-thesis, IxD Meny

Exploring interaction design for counter-narration and agonistic co-design

- Four experiments to increase understanding of, and facilitate, an established practice of grassroots activism

Description: Master thesis in interaction design – A long term submersion, exploration, and analysis of how to benefit from an interaction design mindset in a non-workplace environment.

The report presents my work as four experiments within the frames of a dynamic design program. My analysis and reflection touches upon subjects as entrepreneurship, disruptive innovation, critical design, and design methodology.

The work is very honest and displays good insights into critically position, contextualize and motivate, design activities within a chosen subfield within interaction design.

– Pelle Ehn, Examiner.

Techniques: Design-program/experiment; storyboarding, visualization/mapping, prototyping/artifacts

Links: Full report (PDF), Comic: Learning by doing (PDF)