Visar projekt: Kultur-spotting Meny


Description: Kulturspotting is a cultural sustainability initiative that seeks to provide a transmedia focal point for neighbourhoods undergoing development through an alternative mapping of qualitative data.

The initial case study is the post-industrial neighbourhood of Norra Sorgenfri in Malmö, Sweden, where artist ateliers, galleries, music studios and other creative activities are hidden behind foreboding industrial façades, razor-wire fences and locked, unmarked doors.

The challenge was to present the existing cultural activities as part of a more holistic view of urban development, exploring how qualitative data could be gathered and remediated, resulting in novel modes of community engagement.

Kulturspotting was developed by Daniel Palmér, Radmila Canic, Marie Ehrndal and Peter Romich in the course cross-media explorations supervised by Erling Björgvinsson, during the autumn semester 2011 at Malmö University.